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Applications for you site can be created to show your customers dynamic content that is completely in your control. Additions to your web site can contain:

  • Online databases
  • Feedback database
  • Customer database
  • Inventory tracking
  • Invoice tracking
  • Online storefronts
  • Online catalogs of products
  • Picture gallery’s
  • Discussion boards
  • Scheduling

A web application is any program that runs entirely from within a browser, for example in Microsoft Internet Explorer

The chances are that you've probably already used a web application when have bought online, viewed property at an online estate agency, searched online for a job, or researched a web library.

Traditional software is usually expensive, especially when you consider the true cost of ownership, which includes high cost items like installation, upgrades to PCs, and training.

Web applications allow you to link people and data in new and more effective ways, and lowering costs in ways that were never possible using traditional software. You can do this by eliminating the shackles of outdated systems. Imagine taking time and distance out of the equation in the way you run your business or organization.

Browser software:

  • Runs anywhere from Internet Explorer, at the office, in a different office, at home, on-site, in a hotel, or wherever you are
  • Is available 24-7 round the clock, round the world
  • In most cases, it is more affordable
  • Requires no PC upgrade
  • Installation is minimal
  • Training is usually less hours needed
  • It can eliminate expensive multi-site licences

Because it is custom written, it fits your business like a glove, and can be expanded as required.

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